Open Access Resources

Here is a list of recently published, Open Access, articles related to Scottish archaeology. 

The Monumental Cemeteries of Northern Pictland Mitchell, J and Noble, G. (2017) Medieval Archaeology 61(1), Available at Last accessed 30/06/17

Assembling places and persons: a tenth-century Viking boat burial from Swordle Bay on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, western Scotland (2017) Harris, O, J T., Cobb, H., Batey, C et al Antiquity Volume 91, Issue 355.  Last accessed 27/02/17

SAIR 64 (2016) 'Relieving Floods, Revealing History: Early Prehistoric Activity at Knocknagael Farm, Inverness'. Last accessed 12/01/17

SAIR 63 (2016) 'Excavation of two Early Bronze Age Short Cists and a Prehistoric Pit at Lindsayfield, near Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire'. Last accessed 12/01/17
SAIR 62 (2016) 'Ben Lawers: An Archaeological Landscape in Time. Results from the Ben Lawers Historic Landscape Project, 1996–2005'. Last accessed 12/01/17
SAIR 61 (2016) Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the North-east of Scotland: Excavations at Grantown Road, Forres 2002-2013 Last accessed 12/12/16
SAIR 60 (2016) Multi-period activity, the European Marine Science Park, Dunstaffnage, Argyll Last accessed 12/12/16
SAIR 59 (2016) A Roman Road Runs Through It: Excavations at Newbridge, Edinburgh Last accessed 12/12/16

Grooming the Face in the Early Middle Ages Ashby, S.P (2016). Internet Archaeology 42. available at Last accessed 21/11/16.

A Short Cist Burial at Kilkeddan Farm, Campbeltown, Argyll & Bute Dawn McLaren and Donald Wilson With contributions by Rob Engl, Alan Duffy, Kathleen MacSweeney, Alison Sheridan, Lore Troalen, Graeme Carruthers and Jamie Humble. Scottish Archaeological Journal, Volume 38 Issue 1, Page 33-49, ISSN 1471-5767 Available Online Mar 2016 at Last accessed 14/11/16.

Ancient Lives Object, people and place in early Scotland. Essays for David V Clarke on his 70th birthday Edited by Fraser Hunter & Alison Sheridan. 2016 Available at Last accessed 31/10/16.

Rodents: food or pests in Neolithic OrkneyAndrzej A. Romaniuk, Alexandra N. Shepherd, David V. Clarke, Alison J. Sheridan, Sheena Fraser, László Bartosiewicz, Jeremy S. Herman, 2016,  R. Soc. open sci. 2016 3 160514; DOI: 10.1098/rsos.160514. Published 19 October 2016 Available at Last accessed 31/10/16.