Workshop Outcomes

What did we learn from the workshop discussions?

•     Terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry are both exceptionally accurate means of capturing the baseline record; 

•     but using integrated or mixed mode survey can result in much more detailed / high resolution datasets;

•     the levels of detail should be commensurate with the requirements (and potential) of the site itself and the
needs of the user; 

•     photogrammetry cannot deal with subterranean chambers, nooks and crannies – but is more than appropriate for basic survey strategies and condition monitoring (and can greatly enhance archaeological illustration); 

•     successful archaeological measured survey requires the complementary capture of archaeological interpretation; and

•     that to achieve accountability without convention the caption is as important as the image.

FCS conference exhibition panel

Communication is an important element of any project – in this case, online publication is supported by a conference exhibition panel.